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Download Chaos Road Mod APK For Android

Chaos Road is an action racing shooting mobile video game Developed and Published by Zeeppo for Android and iOS. It was publicly available for download in Google Play on 21 April 2020.

Chaos Road Combat Racing is a fast-paced action shooting game. It has amazing combat gameplay and graphics. It includes many cars with various types of weapons and armour. It has many drones to help the player during the battle. It also includes power-ups and ranking leaderboards. You can play on many amazing and unique tracks in this game and fight many powerful bosses.

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Chaos Road Game Features

Amazing Combat Gameplay

Chaos Road comes with amazing combat gameplay. Fight enemies on the road using your car guns and missiles. With many different types of tracks and obstacles to make the combat fun and challenging.

Many Unique Cars

Cars are the base of the combat. You will fight enemies and bosses using a car equipped with guns and missiles. Currently, Chaos Road has 10 cars in the game. Each has its unique state and guns. You can unlock supercars by many gangs and bosses.

Mixed 2D and 3D Graphics

Chaos Road has mixed 2D and 3D graphics. It has impressive graphics and visual effects. Mixed graphics make the game more dynamic, lightweight, and low demanding while still maintaining nice graphics balance between 2D and 3D.

Unique Tracks and Challenging Bosses

As you might wondering, does it has unique tracks or the same track looping for the whole game. we will clear this doubt for you, Yes! It has many unique, filled with obstacles, and challenging tracks for combat. Along with it, It has many bosses to fight. Find their weak points and wreck them out from the road.

Power-Ups and Drones

Chaos Road has many power-ups for the player to help them clear the levels and defeat the boss. You can upgrade power-ups to make them more powerful. It also has drones which randomly appear during combat and destroy the enemies. You can get drones by opening Drone Box using Drone Cells.

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Chaos Road Mod Apk

We've made a Mod Menu for the Chaos Road Combat Racing. Mod Menu is a little bit different from a Mod. Mod Menu gives the ability to enable and disable mod features at any time in the game. That's why they are superior to the Mod which already has all features enabled from the start, and the user has no control over them.
In Chaos Road Mod Menu, You will get the God Mode feature which makes you immune to all damages. Unlimited Gold Coins and Gems which you can use to buy any items in the game for free! Keeps reading to know more about mod menu features and their usages.

Chaos Road Mod Apk Features

Mod Menu

Chaos Road Mod Apk includes a menu which can be used for controlling the features of the mod. Mod Menu is different from the Mod Apk, Mod Menu gives users the ability to modify any mod feature they want, while Mod Apk has all the features enabled from the start, you can't modify them.

God Mode

Chaos Road Mod Apk you will get God Mode features in the Mod Menu. You can win any combat without doing anything. You will become Invincible by using God Mode. However, it can ruin the game experience, keeping that in the mind, we have made a Mod Menu. That means you can easily disable or enable it at any time during the game

Unlimited Gold Coins

Gold Coins are the primary currency of Road Chaos. It can be used to upgrade cars, power-ups etc. earning coins is hard and take a lot of time and effort. In Chaos Road Mod Apk, we've modified the value of the Gold Coins. When you buy any items in the game your gold coins will not decrease, however, they will not increase either. You can control them in the Mod Menu, freeze and unfreeze them at any time. Using this feature smartly, you can get unlimited gold coins. You can freeze Gems and unfreeze the gold coins and then buy more gold coins using the gems to get unlimited Gold Coins for free without spending any gems or money!

Unlimited Gems

As Gold Coins are the primary currency of the game. Gems are the premium currency of the game. You can use gems to buy many things from the shop. You can buy more cars, super upgrade your cars, revive using gems, and even buy gold coins using them. As they are premium, it hard to earn them enough to buy any items in the game. Using our Mod Menu for Chaos Road, You can get unlimited gems for free! Your gems will not decrease when you use them. use the mod menu and freeze your gems to buy any items you want. use this feature smartly to get a lot of gems for free!


Chaos Road is a newly released game and its developers are updating the game daily to improve the game. You can easily update our mod apk of chaos road by downloading the latest version and installing it on your phone. You will not miss any new game features.

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Final Verdict

Chaos Road is a fun-filled action racing combat game for mobiles. It has mixed graphics 2D and 3D. The visual effects are stunning. It has some retro games vibe in its gameplay. Gameplay-wise, this game is solid. It has many combat supercars, drones, power-ups, bosses, and many more features. the only downside of the game is the Pay to Play mechanics, which you can solve it by using our mod apk and mod menu, otherwise, this game is good.

What's New: 

  • Developers fixed some game bugs.

Chaos Road Combat Racing Info

Current Version: 1.3.6
Build Version: 400126
Requires Android: 6.0 and up
MOD Size: 63.32 MB
Last Updated: 08-06-2020

Mod Info:

  • Mod Menu
  • God Mode
  • Unlimited Gold Coins
  • Unlimited Gems

Mod Menu Info and How To Use It

God Mode - Turn on the God Mode switch and you will become Invincible. Use it after the first tutorial.

Freeze Coins - It will freeze the value of your gold coins. They will not decrease or increase. Enable this feature to buy any items you want and your coins will not decrease.

Freeze Gems - It will freeze the value of your gems. They will not decrease or increase. Enable this feature to buy any items you want and your gems will not decrease. You can enable this feature and disable the Freeze Coins feature, and then go to the shop and buy gold coins using gems. You can get unlimited Gold Coins using this method.

How To Install Chaos Road Combat Racing MOD Apk

1. Download Chaos Road Mod Apk from the below link.

2. Uninstall original Chaos Road Combat Racing from your phone. Then Install Chaos Road Combat Racing Mod Apk. (You may need to enable the unknown source to install apk outside of Google Play)

3. Open Chaos Road Combat Racing and Enjoy Everything Mod Menu, God Mode, and Unlimited Gems, Coins !!! Don't forget to share this mod menu and our website with your family and friends!!

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