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Friday, 26 November 2021

Drive Ahead Mod Menu Apk V3.9.3 God Mode, High Damage, Kill Enemy Car, Damage Boss, Dumb AI, Boss Debug Menu, Ads Free, Claim Rewards Without Watching Ads Download For Android

Download Drive Ahead Mod Menu Apk For Android

Hey Guys, Do you like those games where you can crush other player cars? Of Course, you do! That's why you are here ;) Today, I am sharing the mega mod APK of a game where your main goal is to crush your opponent.

Drive Ahead is Racing Game Developed and Published by Dodreams Ltd for Android and iOS. Its Initial release date is 14 May 2015.

The Gameplay is pretty simple you drive a car and you have beat your opponent by crushing his/her car.

This game offer four-game mods, Duel and single-player. 

You can Battle your friends in two-player matches in local multiplayer on the same device or over WiFi! 

Drive Ahead has many cars like off-road cars, garbage trucks and F1 racing cars. each vehicle has its own strengths and weaknesses.

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Let's Know More About Drive Ahead Game Features

As you know Drive Ahead is a gladiator car fighting mobile game by Dodreams. In this game, you have to wreck your friends by knocking on their helmets with your car or helmet. There are hundreds of cars and helmets available in this game. Here are some of the game features that you may like to read about.

Hundreds of Cars and Helmets

Drive Ahead is packed with more than hundreds of cars and helmets. You can use any car or helmet you like. each car or helmets have their fair share of pros and cons. you have to use different car and helmets to win a variety of battles. you can upgrade your car to increase your chance of winning the battles.

Four Game Modes

Drive Ahead has four different game modes to keep you busy in the game. You can battle with your friends in the two-player match on the game devices or over WiFi. Complete challenges in mission mode or play in survival mode in King of Hill game mode.

Retro Graphics

Drive Ahead has pixelated graphics that gives retro games like feel.

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Drive Ahead Mega Mod APK

Drive Ahead Mega Mod Apk comes with many hacks. You can get Unlimited Everything at the beginning of the game! Our Mega Mod has Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Bolts, Unlimited Tickets, Unlimited Hot Wheels, and Wrenches! Now, you can easily enjoy the premium features of the game without spending any real-life money!

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Drive Ahead Mega Mod Features

The information may be outdated, to know the latest mod features read the "Mod Info" below.

Unlimited Coins

Download our Drive Ahead Mega Mod Apk and get a lot of coins for free! The coin is the primary currency of the game and can be earned by completing battles, events, tasks etc...
You can coin to purchase vehicles and many things.

Unlimited Bolts

Bolt is the 2nd currency of the game, it's a premium currency, you can use them to buy legendary vehicles, helmets and other kinds of stuff. Players can earn blots by completing missions. You will get unlimited bolts in our mod. you can easily buy powerful and effective vehicles by using the unlimited bolts feature of our mod apk of the drive ahead.
Rift Rider bolts are unlimited as well. you can buy any cars or helmets you want!

Unlimited Tickets

Tickets are used for playing events battles. each battle cost 1 ticket per attempt. You will get an unlimited amount of tickets in drive ahead mega mod apk. you can play as many event battles as you want without having to worry about tickets.

Unlimited Wrenches

Wrenches was originally an event currency, but after the event, the developer decided to put it into the game for upgrading vehicles. Now, Wrenches can be used for upgrading your cars and they can be earned by completing a battle.

Our Mega Mod already included unlimited wrenches. However, we were confused as well why it's still in the game, but now it has a purpose. so, you can use them to upgrade your car to make it 10x stronger with the help of our mega mod apk.

Easy to Update

Our Drive Ahead Mega Mod Apk can be updated to the latest version easily. you will not lose any mod features or your game progress.
You can download and install Drive Ahead Update Package on your phone to easily update it to the newer version without any hassle! Scroll down to read how you can install it.

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Final Words

Drive Ahead is a great 2D graphics game for mobiles. Drive Ahead gameplay and pixelated graphics remind me of retro games. it's a truly unique experience with a mix of retro and modern gameplay.

What's New:

      • Get ready to bring in all of the rewards available! With the cold and ice come new prizes to earn.
      • Can you survive the icy roads while others are trying to crash into you? Slide through the challenges and attempt daring tricks for the Daredevil!
      • New Pro Pass.
      • Fixed Bugs.

      Drive Ahead Gameplay Screenshots:

      Drive Ahead MEGA MOD + Apk V2.1.7 Unlimited Coins, Bolts, Hot Wheels, Rift Bolts, Rift Tickets, Tickets, Wrenches Unlimited Everything Download For Android
      Drive Ahead MEGA MOD + Apk V2.1.7 Unlimited Coins, Bolts, Hot Wheels, Rift Bolts, Rift Tickets, Tickets, Wrenches Unlimited Everything Download For Android
      Drive Ahead MEGA MOD + Apk V2.1.7 Unlimited Coins, Bolts, Hot Wheels, Rift Bolts, Rift Tickets, Tickets, Wrenches Unlimited Everything Download For Android

      Drive Ahead Info

      Current Version 3.9.3
      Build Version 297
      Requires Android 4.4 and up
      Mod Menu Version 1.2.9
      Apk Size 112.66 MB
      Mod Apk Size 88.42 MB
      Mod Menu Size 114.70 MB
      Last Updated 26-November-2021
      Play Store Drive Ahead! - Fun Car Battles

      Mod Info:

      • Mod Menu
      • God Mode
      • Free Craft - You can buy any car even if you have 0 bolts
      • High Damage (Shared with the enemy)
      • Dumb AI
      • Kill Enemy
      • Damage Boss (Damage boss without hitting, don't leave it turned on otherwise the game will crash)
      • Enable Boss Select Menu - This feature will enable the debug menu in Boss Mode, you can choose which boss you want to battle with.
      • Disable Ads
      • Get Rewards Without Watching Ads (Turn off "Disable Ads" to claim rewards)

      How To Install Drive Ahead MOD Apk

      1. Download Drive Ahead Mod or Mod Menu Apk.

      2. Uninstall the original Drive Ahead and then install Mod or Mod Menu Apk.
      If you are using the old version mod then you can install this mod without uninstalling the old version mod, you will not lose your game progress.
      (You may need to enable the unknown source to install apk outside of Play Store.)

      3. Now run the game, If you using the mod menu: give "Appear on the top" permission then restart the game.


      Download Zone:

      Updated to v3.9.3!

      Download Drive Ahead Apk


      1. Update the mod to the latest version

      2. Update the mod to the latest version

      3. BONUS: I can't play the mod because I need to update the game to v.2.2.2
        And,I cannot update it!;(
        Update the mod:)

      4. Add the mod features:
        (Add: Unlimited Gems + All Cars,Helmets and Arenas Unlocked)
        I like this mod if you added these mod features....

      5. I like your mod
        Thank you!

      6. TheDroidMod,later,there's an update from v.2.2.2 to v.2.3
        Update the mod to v.2.3!

        1. Now,it was released!

        2. And,please update it!

        3. Pls update yo 3.3.0 pls unlimited coins unlovke all cars

      7. Answer my comment,please...

      8. Please update the mod to v.2.3!
        I can't play the game because it needs to update!:(

      9. Can you update mine please

      10. Can you update mine please

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      12. Pls add all cars,helmet and arena unlocked mod and update to v.2.4.2

      13. Oof I can play because need to update to 3.0.8 version ;-;

      14. Faaaaaaaaaasteeeeeeeeeeer please I need alien road trip to complete levels

        1. Thank you thank you so much for your mods I pass the car trek road trip #thankyouthedroidmod
          That's my message because I want that badge yeeeheey

      15. Please update 3.8.1 thedeoidmod

      16. Please update 3.9.1 IDOL pleaseee

      17. No se instala pudes arreglarlo y puedes poner cajas gratis infinito
        Si quieres


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