Minecraft MOD APK (Mod Menu, Premium, Skin Editor, All Skins Unlocked, God Mod, High Damage, Unlocked, Online, Xbox Servers, License Removed) Download Original and Beta Apk and Mod Menu Apk For Android

Download Minecraft PE Beta and Original Version Apk and Mod Apk For Android

Minecraft is an arcade sandbox game developed by Mojang. It was released in 2009 for PC. Later Mojang released Minecraft Pocket Edition for mobile phones. The mobile version of the game was released in August 2011 for Xperia Play, Later, after a month it becomes available for other android devices. In November 2011, Mojang ported Minecraft PE to iOS devices. It was released for Windows Phone as well.

Minecraft is the greatest video game of all time. It has received many rewards and its popularity is skyrocketing! even after a decade this game is doing very strong and played by millions of people around the world!

Minecraft is the most selling game on android. You can easily download Minecraft Mod Apk from our website for free! you will get a beta version mod too, where you can explore unreleased game features.

Minecraft PE Gameplay 

Minecraft Pocket Edition gameplay is the same as its java version. Minecraft is a sandbox where there are no specific goals for the player to complete. The player is free in the virtual world and has large freedom in choosing how to play the game.
The gameplay is in FPS (first-person perspective) but the player can change it to the third-person perspective from the settings.

The Minecraft world is infinite and made up of 3D objects, 3D objects are mainly known as cubes, blocks and fluids, They represent various materials such as tree trunks, water, dirt, stones, lava, etc...
The Player can pick them blocks, destroy them or mine them to build a structure. the player can roam around the world and build different things, such as buildings etc...
Minecraft has many game modes with four difficulties. It has an online multiplayer mode, where players from around the globe can play it together, and the multiplayer mode is cross-platform.

Minecraft Game Features

Explore Infinite Virtual World

Minecraft has an infinite virtual open world for players to explore. Minecraft world includes forests, deserts, animals, villagers, bees, dungeons, flowers, and much more. You can mine the underworld, cut down trees, make buildings and towns, craft various in your virtual world.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer Mode

Minecraft Pocket Edition has a cross-platform online multiplayer mode. You can play with other players around the world! Minecraft multiplayer mode is shared between all devices that can run pocket edition. You can play with someone who has an iOS phone or windows mobile.

Explore Your Creativity

Explore your creativity in Minecraft Creativity Mode! Build Towns or beautiful buildings. Unleash your creativity in Minecraft creative game mode and build a massive structure, houses, or literally anything!
Make your own world, city or town! Create your own beautiful world!

Explore Game Modes

Play in three different game modes in Minecraft Pocket Edition! Play Survival Mode to live a primitive life, you need to eat to stay alive, fight dungeons and enemies and try your best to survive in Minecraft Survival Mode.
Play in Minecraft Creative Mode and create beautiful structures and things. You don't need to eat or fight enemies in creative mode, you will have unlimited resources so you can easily focus on making things!


Get unique skins, maps and texture packs in Minecraft place. They are made by your favourite creators and the game community!

Get Free Add-Ons

You will get free add-ons in Minecraft PE! You can customize your gaming experience with free Add-Ons. and if you are tech-savvy, then you can modify the game and create your own add-ons and resource packs!

Control The Game From Commands

Use Minecraft Console to control the entire game! You can give yourself free items, change game time, summon mods, change game modes or use cheat codes to become the master of the game.

Minecraft Mod Apk

Download Minecraft Mod Apk and Original Apk for Free, We also modded the Beta Version of the game for you to enjoy the unreleased feature of the game!
You can use our Minecraft Mod Menu to become immortal in the game! Destroy your enemies with our High Weapon Damage Mod feature!

Minecraft Mod Apk Features

God Mod

Become Immortal in Minecraft by using our Minecraft Mod Apk. You will get the God Mod feature in our mod menu, now none of the enemies can kill you. you don't have to worry about the lava when mining.

High Weapon Damage

Kill your enemies in one hit with our High Weapon Damage Mod Features! You can turn it on and off anytime during the game.

Mod Menu

You will get a Mod Menu in our Minecraft Mod Apk. Mod Menu is pretty useful and you can control the mod feature! You can turn off any mod features in the mod menu during the game.

Unlocked and Skin Editor with All Skins

Our Mod Apk of Minecraft is unlocked! You will get all premium features unlocked for free. You will get an in-game skin editor with all skin unlocked for free! Download Minecraft Mod Apk and get a working character editor with all the features unlocked!

License Check Removed

We've removed License Verification from the game, you can use it on any mobile without getting a License verification failed error even if you haven't purchased the game!


Minecraft is seen as one of the best video game. Even after a decade, it has a massive following around the world! More than 100M+ people play it every day. You can create anything in your Minecraft world! It has very addictive gameplay. You haven't played this game yet, then you are missing playing a great game.

What's New

Final Version

1.17.11 - 06-August-2021
  • Fixed bugs. - Caves and Cliffs Update

  • The Caves and Cliffs Update Part I!
  • Added many new blocks and items, and mobs.
  • Changes blocks texture.
  • Changes in world generation.
  • Fixed bugs.
  • Improved Performance/Stability. - Nether Update

  • Big Nether Update!

  • Explore new biomes in the Nether!

  • Fight new mobs in Nether

  • New Bastion Structures.

  • New: Respawn Anchors - You can use it to respawn in the Nether, even if you leave the Nether

  • New ores, blocks and much more!

Beta Version

1.17.30 Beta - 06 August 2021

  • Fixed many bugs

Minecraft Info

Final Version
Build Version 971701101
Beta Version
Build Version 951703022
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Final APK Size 123.26 MB
Final Mod APK Size 121.73 MB
Final Skin APK Size 123.26 MB
Beta APK Size 132.14 MB
Beta Skin Apk Size 132.14 MB
Beta Mod Apk Size 124.40 MB
Last Updated 20-August-2021
Play Store Minecraft

Mod Info:

  • God Mod
  • High Weapon Damage
  • Mod Menu
  • License Removed
  • Unlocked (Full premium game)
  • Online
  • Xbox Server (Play on Xbox servers with without Xbox Live)
  • Working Free Skin Editor 
  • All Skins Unlocked (skins are not saved) 
  • Note: You will not able to use the Marketplace with all skins unlocked version!

How To Install Minecraft MOD & APK

1. Download Minecraft MOD or Apk.

2. Uninstall the original Minecraft game from your phone and then install Minecraft Mod or Original Apk. You may need to enable "unknown source" to install APK outside of the Play Store.

3. Play Minecraft and Enjoy...

Fix: If your game keeps crashing or stuck on the loading screen, then go to settings, Apps, Minecraft and force stop and clear its data! If it is still stuck on the loading then turn off your internet, start the game and turn the internet back on after it completes the loading.

Download Zone:

Final Version

Download Minecraft Original Apk

Download Minecraft Original Apk (Skins)


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