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Saturday, 11 September 2021

Download SimCity BuildIt MOD APK + Mega Mod V1.39.2.100801 Unlimited Simoleons SimCash NeoBank Gold and Platinum Keys For Android

Download SimCity BuildIt APK + MOD APK/MEGA MOD & Update Package APK For Android

SimCity BuildIt is a city-building simulation-style based mobile game developed by Tracktwenty and published by Electronic Arts. It was first launched in 2014.  It is available for download on iOS, Android and the Amazon Appstore. This game is actually a part of their SimCity franchise.

SimCity BuildIt is a very popular game with over 50 million plus downloads. In this game, you are the mayor of the city and you have to build your own city from scratch. You have full control over your city. Your city's future depends on you. you will have to design your city smartly, Make good decisions and smart choices to keep your city stable and happy, to make it a better place for your citizens.

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Let's Know More About SimCity BuildIt

You are the mayor of your city! Design and create a beautiful city. Grow your city, make good decisions, keep your citizens happy, trade, chat, and compete with other players.

Build Your Dream City

SimCity BuildIt gives you a chance to become the mayor of a city, your own virtual city! You will start with an empty land filled with wild trees, bushes and rocks. It's your responsibility to build the city of your dream. Build roads, residential buildings, government buildings etc...Your city future, progress and design depend on your imagination.

Play With Other Players

You can join any Mayor's Club and start trading with other cities mayor, chat with them, build your city together, observe their cities and share strategies to build the best virtual city together.

Be a Part of City Wars

SimCity BuildIt has a real-time PvP multiplayer feature. You can join club war and declare war on other cities with your mayor club members. Make strategizes with your mayor club members to win the club war. Destroy your enemies city with crazy disasters. You will receive wonderful rewards in club wars, which can be used to upgrade your city.

Easy Controls

SimCity BuildIt has easy and smooth controls that will give you an amazing gaming experience. SimCity BuildIt uses drag and drop controls, you can hold on a building to drag and drop it anywhere on the map you like. You can easily use them to destroy buildings or organize your city.

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SimCity BuildIt has two main currencies; SimCash and Simoleons. SimCash is the premium currency of the game wheres Simoleons is the basic currency of the game. SimCash can be used to buy premium items, speeding up things, buying simoleons, wheres Simoleons can be used to maintain the city, make purchases, pay off debts etc...
There are also other currencies like Keys, NeoSimoleons and religion currencies.

SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk

SimCity BuildIt is a F2P game with microtransactions, SimCash is the premium currency of the game and can be used to buy, upgrades, speeding up things, Since it's a premium currency so earning it hard, the only way to get more SimCash faster is to buy them with real money. Also, SimCity BuildIt is a real-time building game so things take days to finish.
You can use our mod to get unlimited everything. you can easily progress in the game, buy premium stuff, speed up things. you no longer have to wait days to build something when you can just our mods to finish anything with just a click.

SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Simoleons

Simoleons are the basic currency of the game. you can use them to buy a lot of things. You will get Unlimited Simoleons in our Mod of SimCity BuildIt.

Unlimited SimCash

SimCash is the premium and most important currency of the game. they are used for buying and upgrading premium stuff, speeding up things, buying other currencies of the game, buying missing materials etc... SimCash is hard to earn and you need to spend money to get more of them.
But, Don't worry. Our Mod has Unlimited amount of SimCash! you can get unlimited SimCash in just a click without having to buy them.

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Unlimited NeoSimoleons

Our Mod of SimCity BuildIt has Unlimited NeoSimoleons. NeoSimoleons is a currency of OMEGA. They can be used to purchase many things.

Unlimited Keys

Get Unlimited Keys! Both Keys; Golden and Platinium Keys are unlimited in our SimCity BuildIt Mod! Keys can be used for buying premium rare things like schools, parks, landmarks etc...

Easy to Update

It's very easy to update our SimCity Build Mod Apk to the latest version without losing your current city. We are giving you a separate update package to make things easier for you. Update Package can be used for updating our SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk to the latest version. (Update Package is no longer required to update the mod!)

To update the Simcity Mod to the latest version, you just have to download the latest version of SimCity Mod and install it on your phone. It's very easy to install the updated SimCity mod on your phone. Also, our Mods are always up to date to provide you with the best experience of the game.


SimCity BuildIt is the best city building game for mobiles. It has amazing 3D graphics and animation. The gameplay is excellent with simple drag to drop controls. It can be played offline and offers much cool building and stuff. however, it can get a bit boring and hard after you reach a certain level. You can use our mod to unlimited currencies. Go ahead and download it now, and start building your dream city!

What’s New

      Enjoy the autumn, and decorate your city with the season’s glorious colors. Mayor’s Pass: Autumn Season introduces new buildings such as the Victoria Harbour, Tuscany Villa, and Japanese Gardens. Complete the autumn look of your city with new types of forests including Autumn Oak, Japanese Maple, and Weeping Birch trees. Furthermore, this season Dr. Vu is hard at work. Meet his new invention.

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        SimCity BuildIt MOD Screenshot

        SimCity BuildIt Mod APK/Mega Mod Unlimited Simoleons,SimCash,NeoBank,Gold and Platinum Keys

        SimCity BuildIt Info

        Current Version
        Build Version 1039002
        Requires Android 4.1 and up
        APK Size 146.95 MB
        Mod Size 148.61 MB
        Last Updated 11-September-2021
        Play Store SimCity Buildit

        Mod Info

        • Unlimited Simoleons
        • Unlimited SimCash
        • Unlimited NeoSimleons
        • Unlimited Golden Keys
        • Unlimited Platinum Keys
        • Level 32
        • Offline
        • Read Instructions carefully or else the mod won't work!

        How To Install SimCity BuildIt MOD Apk:

        1. Download SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk from the below link.

        2. Turn off your Internet Connectivity (Wifi/4G/3G). 

        3. Install SimCity MOD Apk.

        4. After Installing, Open it and when it asks for "Downloading Additional Content" turn on the Internet and let it download the additional content and then "Immediately turn off the Internet after it completes the downloading." 

        5. Now "Not Online For 3 Days Dialog will popup! There is two way to fix it, see the below steps:
        6. The First method is when you tap on the Retry button it will show a reloading icon, then it will start loading the game.
        You have to turn on your Internet as soon as the loading screen appears, then immediately turn off the Internet after it's loaded. If you did it correctly your game will be loaded in offline mode.

        7. The second method is using a Firewall, So download NoRoot Firewall from the play store or the below link and Install It.
        8. Turn on Internet Connectivity (WiFi/4G/3G), Open NoRoot Firewall and Tap on the "Apps" tab. 

        9. Locate "SimCity" and tap on it, tick both boxes (WiFi, Data) to "Deny any access", Then go back to the "Home" tab and tap on the "Start" button to the start the firewall. 

        10. Open SimCity, it may take a little longer to load. After the game is loaded successfully, it will show "You are currently playing offline" Don't panic, Just click on the Ok button and enjoy the game with Unlimited Resources!!! 

        Note: Please Enable Storage Permission if asked, it's necessary to copy data into the phone memory!

        How To Fix "Your city has not been online for 3 days" or "Corrupt City":

        Method 1
        1. Turn off your Internet then start SimCity.

        2. City not online for 3 days dialog will popup, The first method is when you tap on the Retry button it will show a reloading icon, Then it will start loading the game.

        3. You have to turn on your Internet as soon as the loading screen appears, then immediately turn off the Internet after the game is loaded.

        4. If you did it correctly your game will be loaded in offline mode.

        Method 2
        1. First, Force Stop SimCity game.

        2. Download NoRoot Firewall from the play store. (If your phone is rooted you can use AFWall+ or your favourite firewall)

        3. Open NoRoot Firewall and Tap on the "Apps" tab, Locate "SimCity" and tap on it, tick both boxes (WiFi, Data) to "Deny any access", Then go back to the "Home" tab and tap on the "Start" button to start the firewall. 

        4. Open SimCity, Wait till the game completes the loading, It may take little longer than usual. 

        5. Now you will get a pop up of "You're playing Offline", Just tap on the Ok button and Enjoy.

        You have to use NoRoot Firewall every time you open SimCity.

        If it asks to sync the game, don't do it and just close the game from the recent apps, and then open it again without Internet connectivity. 

        How to Update Mod:

        1. Download the latest version of SimCity BuildIt Mod Apk from the below link. 

        2. Turn off your Internet Connectivity (Wifi/4G/3G), and then install it to update your mod to the latest version.

        3. Now, Open the game and when it asks for "Downloading Additional Content" turn on the Internet and let it download the additional content, and then "Immediately turn off the Internet after it complete downloading. 

        Note: Do not uninstall previously installed SimCity BuildIt from your phone. 

        Download Zone:


        1. Oq vcs q em já tá tudo feito q graça tem

        2. Quando vai ter da Versão 1.29?

        3. Tem como jogar online com esse mod?

        4. I won't let me get online either, I tried with Google play store and Facebook link. I keep getting error messages " the application is incorrectly configured. Check that the package name and signing certificate match client ID created in Developer console???

          1. You know you cant sign in with an apk mod right

        5. It won't let you get online. It wasn't mentioned but you can only play offline with mods. If you want to get online, download the normal game from the app store.

        6. Now working Bro..... It is not able to extract the the file, though i have granted all the permission. It is saying no activity found to held intent. Can you help?

        7. I cann't install on Android 10,it's say app design for old version android.

        8. How to change the city name?

        9. Still not working on Android10

        10. I want mayor's pass and also all the updates

        11. Thank YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS... God bless you and please keep this up 😊😊😊😊

        12. yo, when I click to install the additional update it always keep popping up that error, even w/ my phone connected in Internet...

        13. Non mi va online dice che sono offline quando sono online

        14. how rename city names SimCity BuildIt ?
          ... when playing offline

        15. The Global Trade HQ and Trade Depot is not working. Please fix issue. Thanks

        16. Awesome! Works perfect!! Can you make it online please??

        17. Is it normal that my money decrease and it doesnt go back to normal amount

        18. 'You've download from the wrong source' how to fix it?

        19. Noo Courupted Data Is Back!!!

        20. It doesn't ask to download additional content and why does the game open up and take me to my city

        21. Thank you its work❤️😊

        22. Why holdiday buildings are not coming?

        23. El juego ni siquiera se inicia (the game won't even start)

        24. How to travel to different maps like desert, green valley and all

        25. It says travelling to and then stops there

        26. It says corrupted fix it, your wasting our time here

        27. very thanks . working..

        28. I'm unable to install in redmi note 9 pro it says app not installed

          1. You need to delete the original game first to install the apk

        29. Unable install on my android 11 device redmi note 9 pro

        30. Uhmm it only works below I think android 10 bc I'm on Android 11 so it doesn't work in the future

        31. This modified app doesn't even install on vivo

        32. Can u add android 11 support

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        34. It works fine but not yet fine... I can't go to regional part of the game can you please fix that I want to expand possibilities of my city thnx alot by the way 👑

        35. Hi, how can fix that apk not installed, i turn off my wifi and internet celluler but that cant work ��

        36. It says not installed even after clicking the installation button.

        37. SimCity 2013 was released for Windows in March 2013. It was developed by Maxis, which is a subsidiary of Electronic Arts.SimCity Buildit cheats


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