Tank Stars V1.91 Mod Apk (Mod Menu, God Mod, One Hit Kill, Unlimited Fuel, Skip Enemy Shoot, High Damage, Unlimited Coins, Gems, Chests, All Tanks Unlocked, All Game Modes Unlocked, Ads Free, Diamond Membership

Download Tank Stars Mod Menu Apk For Android

Tank Stars is a 2D arcade strategy mobile game developed and published by Playgendary Limited for Android and iOS.

Tank Stars has turn-based gameplay where you have to destroy enemy tanks, the game has nice graphics with good VFX effects.

It has 4 different game modes, you can play against AI, your friends or with other players online, You can also choose from many available tanks, upgrade them and equip weapons. 

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Tank Stars Game Features

Fast and Fun Gameplay

Tank Stars has addictive and fast-paced gameplay, It has turn-based styled gameplay where each player gets a turn to hit and destroy the opposite tank. The gameplay consists of moving the tank with limited fuel, aiming, choosing the weapons, and shooting the opposite tank. 

It also has many game modes, you can play against AI, friends, or other players in online mode.

Many Tanks

Tank Stars have many cool tanks to choose from. Currently, the game has a total of fifteen tanks and we are sure the developers will keep adding more interesting tanks in upcoming updates.

Every tank's design is unique, all tanks also have different weapons, more expensive tanks have a better set of weapons, you can buy tanks using the in-game coin, and some tanks are premium which can't be bought using in-game currency.

You can choose from any tanks such as Mountain, Atomic, Pinky, Frosts, T-34, and many more...

Dozens of Weapons and Upgrades

Tank Stars has dozens of deadly weapons for tanks, such as nuclear bombs, guided missiles, napalm, grenades, area strike, ice missiles, and much more...

Some tank weapons are more useful for short distances, and others are better for short distances. You can also level up your weapons to improve their stats.

Many Game Modes

Tank Stars is loaded with many different interesting game modes including Vs Computer, Friends, Online PvP, and Tournament.

You can play solo with AI, with many of your friends, or with other people in online multiplayer mode.

It also has a Tournament mode where you have to fight against the wave of tanks, you can use more than one tank in this mode.

Tank Stars Mod Apk Features

Mod Menu

Tank Stars Mod apk comes with Mod Menu UI which gives the player ability to turn on and off the mod features at any time during the game. Using Mod Menu, you can easily disable or enable any mod features you want. Tank Stars Mod Menu has 9 mods, God Mod, Unlimited Fuel, Skip Enemy Shoot, Unlimited Gems, Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Chests, All Tanks Unlocked, All Modes Unlocked, and No Ads/Diamond Membership.

God Mod

Tank Stars Mod Menu Apk has God Mod features. By enabling God Mod your tank will become invincible. It only works in Vs Computer and Tournament modes.

Unlimited Fuel

This feature will give you an unlimited amount of fuel, you can move your tank as much as you want without running out of fuel.

Skip Enemy Shoot

You can skip the enemy's turn to shoot you with this feature. After your turn press the button to prevent the enemy tank from shooting, if the enemy moves from its place then you need to press the button again, also it only works in Vs computer and Tournament mode.

Unlimited Gems, Coins, and Chests

You will get unlimited amounts of coins, gems, and chests in the mod menu, you can use coins and games to buy and upgrade any tank and weapons, and open as many chests as you want.

All Tanks Unlocked

You can instantly unlock all the tanks in-game using this mod feature, it will also unlock the VIP tanks too. However, you will not able to upgrade the tanks. You can also buy tanks using unlimited coins.

Unlock All Modes

You can easily unlock all game modes (Against Friend, Online PvP, and Tournament) using this mod feature.

No Ads/Diamond Membership

You can get rid of all the ads in the game using this feature, it will also give you the diamond membership for free.


Tank Stars is a good game compared to similar games, It has addictive and fast gameplay with nice graphics and VFX.

The game also has many contents such as different game modes including online multiplayer, many tanks, weapons, and upgrades.

However, the game contains too many ads and some tanks can't be unlocked via in-game currency.

Tank Stars Info

Current Version 1.91
Version Code 897
Mod Menu Version 1.0.6
Requires Android 5.0 and up
APK Size 156.54 MB
Mod Size 132.84 MB
Last Updated 30-September-2023
Play Store Tank Stars

Mod Info

  • Mod Menu
  • God Mod (AI only)
  • One Hit Kill/High Damage (Offline)
  • Unlimited Fuel
  • Skip Enemy Shoot (AI only)
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Chests
  • Unlock All Tanks
  • No Ads/Diamond Membership
  • Unlock Online Mode
  • Unlock Friend Mode
  • Unlock Tournament

How to Install Tank Stars Mod Menu Apk

1. Download Tank Stars Mod Menu Apk.

2. Uninstall the original/installed Tank Stars from your phone and then install Tank Stars Mod Menu Apk. (To install unknown apps you need to enable the "Allow from this source" permission to install APK outside of the Play Store)

3. Play Tank Stars and Enjoy!!!

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