Squad Alpha V1.7.14 Mod Menu Unlimited Gems, Cash, God Mod, One Hit Kill, Kill All, Auto Win Level, Endless Loot From Enemies, Free VIP and Elite Pass APK For Android

Download Squad Alpha Action Shooting Mod Menu Apk For Android

Squad Alpha - Action Shooting is an action mobile game developed and published by SayGames Ltd for Android and iOS.

Squad Alpha is an action fast-paced shooting game for android. In this game, you will have to hire agents to eliminates the so-called bad guys.

This game has intelligent mechanics with loads of guns, outfits, upgrades and addictive gameplay with 3D stick figure style graphics.

Squad Alpha - Action Shooting Game Features

Tactical and Strategic Plan!

Think before you shoot - To win the level you need to make a strategic plan and to accomplish your strategic plan you need to make a tactical plan, you can't just start the level and move around while shooting your gun aimlessly and expect to win the level.

Understand the level design and mechanics, max out your upgrades and equip the useful guns and take out all the enemies to win the level!

Lots of Levels and Bosses

Squad Alpha - Action Shooting has over 200 unique levels, each level requires a tactical approach and strategy.

And to make the game more challenging you'll have to fight 20 different bosses! 

Guns, Outfits and Upgrades!

Squad Alpha has over 30 different guns to collect including pistols, shotguns, SMGs, and much more.

You can upgrade the guns by collecting the guns part or by salvaging the extra guns in your inventory. Also, you can customize your agent by using different outfits, you can buy outfits using in-game currency and IAP. 

Squad Alpha Action Shooting Mod Apk Features

Mod Menu

Squad Alpha Action Shooting Mod apk comes with Mod Menu UI which gives the player ability to toggle the mod features at any time in the game. you can disable or enable any mod features you want during the game.

Squad Alpha Action Shooting Mod Menu has 7 mods, God Mod, One Hit Kill, Win Battle, Kill All Enemy, Endless Loot From Enemies, Free VIP and Free Elite Pass along with Unlimited Gems and Coins

God Mod

This mod will make your agent invincible. If you are stuck on a level or too weak to clear the level, use this to easily take out all the enemy! 

One Hit Kill

You can instantly kill any enemy in just one hit be it the normal enemy or the boss.

Win Stage

By using this feature you can instantly finish any level without doing anything, just enable this feature for a second then disable it, and a level clear screen will appear!

Kill All

Instantly take out all the enemy without moving an inch.

Just enable this mod and all the enemies will die automatically, don't worry we've made this mod in such a way your agent will be excluded and won't be killed.

Endless Loot From Enemies

When you kill an enemy you get some loot such as cash, resources and guns but what if they just keep giving this loot endlessly, amazing isn't it? That's what this mod will do, enable it and all enemies will die and keep giving you loot endlessly!

Free VIP

This mod will upgrade your account to a VIP account for free! You will get all benefits of VIP player (expect outfit) For Free!

The VIP benefits include Skip ads, Daily tickets, and an Automatic chest queue...

Free Elite Pass

You can get Elite Pass for free using this mod feature, You will exclusive elite benefits such as rewards, chests, etc using this mod.

Unlimited Gems and Cash

Along with all the above mods features, you will also get unlimited amounts of gems and cash.

This mod feature is activated by default so you will get unlimited gems and cash at the start of the game.


Squad Alpha is definitely is a good top-down fast-paced shooting game for mobile. It has lots of unique levels with bosses, many types of weapons with upgrades, unique agents and outfits for customizations.

Think before you shoot is the tagline of the game, it means you need a tactical and strategic plan to beat this game, it has 3D stick figure style game graphics with smooth animations.

Overall it's a nice game and worth a try!

Squad Alpha - Action Shooting Info

Current Version 1.7.14
Version Code 249
Mod Menu Version 1.0.1
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Mod Size 577.8 MB
Last Updated 30-January-2024
Play Store Squad Alpha - Action Shooting

Mod Info

  • Mod Menu:-
    • God Mod
    • One Hit Kill
    • Win Stage (Enable it for a second then disable it, stage clear screen will appear)
    • Kill All
    • Endless Loot From Enemies
    • Free VIP
    • Free Elite Pass
    • Unlimited Gems
    • Unlimited Cash

How to Install Squad Alpha - Action Shooting Mod Menu Apk

1. Download Squad Alpha Mod Menu Apk.

2. Uninstall the original/installed Squad Alpha from your phone and then install Squad Alpha Mod Menu Apk. (You may need to enable the unknown source to install APK outside of Play Store)

3. Play Squad Alpha - Action Shooting and Enjoy!!!

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Download Squad Alpha Mod Menu


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