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Stick With It is an arcade game developed by Sam Hogan for Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Linux. Stick With It is developed using the Unity Engine.

Stick With It is a fun and hard game where you control a squishy blob that can stick to almost anything. You need to complete the game without bursting out your blob, if you hit the wrong object you will have to start all over again! The control is simple you just have to tap on your screen to jump and stick to the things.

There are many interesting and challenging objects such as metal beams, pipes, moving platforms, spinning platforms, and many more!

Earlier the game only has 2 game difficulties and one main blob, the new update has added one more game difficulty and many new different types of blob!

Now the game has 3 game difficulties Normal, Hard, and Impossible. In Normal mode, you can control the jump arrow and you will get more checkpoints, also you can undo your last move.
In Hard mode jump arrow will move itself so you can't it control like the normal mode and there are way fewer checkpoints, you can also undo your move.
The Impossible mode is where things get way too hard! Your arrow will move at the faster speed and there are not any checkpoints or undo button, so if you make a mistake you will have to start all over again.

Currently, there are 25 different types of blob such as King Blob, Slice of Bread, Hot Dog, Teeny Guy, Square Guy, w5d88f67a)HF (Yes, this is an actual blob name in the game and our writer didn't have a stroke), and the famous Blobfish.
You can unlock Blob skins by completing game tasks such as beating the game in all difficulties, reaching certain checkpoints in different game difficulties, you can also unlock them all at once by buying them.

Stick With It is an additive and fun game, its very challenging and hard to beat. You should it a try I am sure you will love it once you start playing it.

What's New:

Stick With It new version 0.4.5 includes:
  • Fixed game bugs.

Stick With It Gameplay Screenshots

Stick With It Games Info

Current Version 0.4.5
Build Version 12
Requires Android 4.4 and up
APK Size 28.83 MB
Mod Size 29.21 MB
Last Updated 09-November-2020
Play Store Stick With It

Mod Info:

  • All Blob Skins Unlocked

How To Install Sick With It MOD Apk

1. Download Stick With It MOD

2. Uninstall original/installed Stick With It from your phone.

3. Install Stick With It Mod Apk and Enjoy!!!

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