Cover Fire Mega Mod Menu APK V1.24.01 Unlimited Everything, Unlocked, God Mod, Rapid Fire, Unlimited Ammo, Disable Enemy, Instant Win, One Hit Kill, Free VIP, No Dispersion, All Weapons, Characters, Episodes Unlocked

Download Cover Fire Offline Shooting Games Mega Mod Menu APK and OBB For Android

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games is an action shooting mobile game developed by Genera for Android and iOS.

Cover Fire Offline Shooting Games is a free offline shooting action game with realistic 3D Graphics and Animations. In this game, you have to defeat a corporation Tetracorp with your small squad. Tetracorp is an evil corporation that is trying to capture the Earth and you have to stop them at any cost!

Cover Fire is a fun offline shooting game for android, this game is very lightweight so it can run on low-end devices easily. It has easy control and many weapons and characters which can be upgraded.
The game contains many chapters with hundreds of missions. Players can participate in a tournament and compete against each other, and play in various game modes and events.

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Cover Fire Offline Shooting Games Features:

Realist 3D Graphics and Animations 

Cover Fire Offline Shooting Games has realistic 3D Graphics with smooth Animations. All characters and weapons have an excellent model topology with HD textures. The battlefield scene has all well-crafted 3D models such as houses, obstacles, and other environmental objects.
Even with such realistic graphics and animation, the game is not that resources hungry. Good compression and limited access to the battlefield area do make it a lightweight game.

Offline Mode

As the game name suggests, Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games is a completely offline game and you don't need any Internet connectivity to play this game. You can play this game from anywhere. It still has an online tournament where you need Internet connectivity to play it but it's not necessary and up to the choice of players.

Story mode with 13 Chapters

You have to lead a special squad to protect the Earth from the invasion of Tetracorp. Currently, Cover Fire has 13 episodes in its Story Mode, Each episode contains many missions which you have to complete to make future progress.

Many Weapons and Characters

Cover Fire has many different types of weapons and characters to choose from. Each weapon and characters have their unique stats. You have to collect cards to unlock them, however, you can unlock all characters and weapons using our mod.

Online Sniper Tournaments

Even though Cover Fire is an offline game but it still has an online tournament where players compete against each other and get the best rank on the leaderboard.

Cover Fire Mega Mod Apk

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games Mod Apk has many amazing features. Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games has a stylish menu that you can use to control the mod features. You can use the mod menu to toggle the mod feature on and off.
Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games Mod Menu Apk and literally everything modded, You will get unlimited currencies, tickets, energy, all characters, and weapons. You will get many weapons and combat mods. Keep reading to know more about the mod feature.

Cover Fire Mod Features and Info

Mod Menu

Cover Fire Mod Apk has a Mod Menu which gives you the ability to enable and disable mod features at any time during the game. Our mod menu has a stylish UI and it comes and sound and customization settings.
Cover Fire Mod Menu has 3 Categories: Game Combat Mechanics, Player Character, and Currencies.

Unlimited Gold

You will get Unlimited Gold in Cover Fire Mod Menu Apk. Use them to buy a lot of crates and many other kinds of stuff.

Unlimited Energy

Energy is used to play the game mission when you run out of energy you have to wait some minutes for them to regenerate. Our Cover Fire Mod Menu has an unlimited energy feature. You can easily play as many levels as you want without having to worry about energy.

Unlimited Cash

Cover Fire Mod Menu You will get an unlimited amount of cash. You can use cash to upgrade your skills and other stuff.

Unlimited Tickets

You will get Unlimited Normal and Events tickets. You can play events missions without any limit!

God Mod

"God Mod" mod feature will make your character immune to any kind of damage. This mod features give your characters an unlimited amount of health and shield and freeze the values so your health and shield won't decrease at all.

Unlimited Ammo

This Cover Fire Mod Menu feature will give you an unlimited amount of ammo and they will not decrease.
Combine this feature with rapid-fire and turn any weapon into a machine gun! :) 

Rapid Fire

Cover Fire Mod Menu Apk feature: Rapid Fire will turn any weapon into a machine gun. Basically, the Rapid Fire feature disables the delay between the next bullet shot, which means you can shoot as many bullets as you want without any delay. Combine it with the Unlimited Ammo Feature and see the magic.

No Weapon Dispersion

Cover Fire Mod Menu Apk has zero weapon dispersion ratio. Weapon Dispersion is the accuracy of the gun, If you keep firing the gun you bullets will start to shatter because of the higher dispersion value.
This feature will turn weapon dispersion to zero. Don't forget to use turn on this feature if you are going to use the Rapid Fire feature because without the weapon dispersion feature your bullet starts to go all over the place in no time.

No Reload

Cover Fire Mod Menu Apk has zero reload cooldown time for all weapons. To be honest, this feature is not that useful because of unlimited ammo.

Rapid Fire

Cover Fire Mod Menu Apk will you give your Rapid Fire mod feature. Rapid Fire disables the delay of fire rate. So, you can shoot as many bullets as you want without the delay. Combine it with Unlimited Ammo Feature and boom! You got a machine gun!

High Weapon Damage/One Hit Kill

We've modified the damage value of weapons, your weapon will deal very high damage killing your target in just one hit.

Disable Enemy Shooting

As the name suggests, this feature will disable the enemy gun making them useless as they will not be able to shoot you.
You can enable this feature any time it doesn't matter if you are on a mission or not.

Instant Win

You can win any mission without even playing them with a perfect score! This feature work in both campaign and events mode.
Using this feature is easy, you just have to enable it to win a mission instantly.
You can enable it before playing the mission or even during the mission. If you want to lose a mission, just enable it for a second or two then disable it.

Unlock All Characters and Weapons

Cover Fire has many characters and weapons, but to unlock them you have to get all of their parts which is a time-consuming task. But, don't worry because in our Cover Fire Mod Menu Apk you will be able to get all characters and weapons for free without collecting any of their parts

Free VIP With Max VIP Level

Using our you will become a VIP member for free without purchasing anything. You will also become the max possible VIP Level 5 member.

Unlimited Combat Level

You will also get unlimited combat in our mod. Combat Level is required to unlock new chapters and missions. You can use this feature to unlock any chapter or mission that required a high combat level.

High Player Level

Use our High-Level Mod feature to become a very high-level player instantly! Just turn on the High Player Level feature to become a high-level player in no time.

Unlock All Episode

You can instantly unlock all the episodes without having to complete any mission of the previous episode. This feature will unlock all the episodes, you can play and enjoy any episode mission even if you have just started playing the game.


Cover Fire Mega Mod Menu Apk can be updated easily just like our other mods. To update it just simply download the latest available mod apk, obb, and install it over the previous mod version.

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What's New:

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games new version 1.24.01 includes:
  • Fixed bugs.

Cover Fire Offline Shooting Games Info

Current Version 1.24.01
Build Version 291
Mod Menu Version 1.3.12
Requires Android 8.0 and up
APK Size 58.96 MB
Mod Size 40.21 MB
OBB Size 287.05 MB
Last Updated 22-June-2023
Play Store Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Games

Mod Info:

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • Unlimited Event Tickets
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Unlimited Combat Level
  • God Mod
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Rapid Fire
  • No Weapon Dispersion
  • No Reload
  • High Weapon Damage
  • No Weapon Overheat
  • One Hit Kill
  • Disable Enemy Shooting
  • Kill All Enemy
  • Instant Win
  • High Player Level (Could cause some problems)
  • Unlock All Episode
  • Unlock All Characters
  • Unlock All Weapons
  • Free VIP
  • Max VIP Level

How To Install Cover Fire Offline Shooting Games MOD Apk

1. Download Cover Fire MOD or Original Apk and OBB file.

2. Uninstall the original/installed Cover Fire from your phone.

3. Extract Cover Fire and then copy com.generagames.resistance folder to /Android/obb/. If your phone doesn't have an OBB folder just make a new folder name it "obb"

4. Install Cover Fire Mod or Original Apk and Enjoy!!!

Note: Turn off "High Player Level" if your game gets stuck at the mission completion screen.

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