Castle Cats V2.13 Mega Mod APK Mod Menu, Unlimited Everything, VIP, Free Shop, Craft, Max Guild Reputation Levels, All Outfits, Unlimited Coins, Gems, Embers, Boosters, Tokens, and Material For Android

Download Castle Cats Mega Menu Mod APK For Android

Castle Cats: Idle Hero RPG is an Adventure, RPG, and Idle clicking mobile game Developed and Published by PocApp Studios for Android, iOS, and Amazon Appstore.

Castle Cats is an adventure role-playing mobile game with the elements of action battle and Idle clicking. With a unique and special storyline, where players recruit an army of cat to defeat the evil pub.

It has a variety of features and addicting gameplay, the player can unlock many cats heroes, evolve and increase their rank, along with the crafting mechanics in the game where players can craft useful eggs, items, and many more things.
The player can participate in the battle or leave the game in the idle. Fully customize their guild leader and cats, upgrades building such as a fortress, or play in the amazing events, minigames.

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Castle Cats Idle Hero RPG Game Features


Castle Cats storyline revolves around the sending the cat heroes to the battle to defeat the Pugomancer.
Pugomancer is an evil and mage pub. You have to form a strong army of cats and end the evil reign of the Pugomancer.
It has a unique storyline with many quest and interesting dialogues.

170+ Cat Heroes

You can collect more than 170 Cats in Castle Cats Game! Each Cats Heroes has a wide range of abilities, skills, outfits, and traits.
You can collect and paly with famous and powerful cats like Cole, Monty, Nala and many more.

Idle Clicking and Battle

Castle Cats is an Idle Clicking RPG game with the battle elements. You can send your heroes to the battle while you are away, and when returning, you will get many battle rewards. You can upgrade your cats and collect new cats.
You can also join the battle and help your heroes by rapidly clicking the screen, You will win battle faster by doing it.

Hundreds of Outfits for Cats

Castle Cats has many Outfits for the cats. You can collect various and change the look of your heroes. With a wide range of outfits, you can easily customize your heroes to your preference.


Castle Cats is an event-driven game. The game receives frequent event updates. There are always interesting events going on such as Superhero events, Holiday event, Summer and Winter events, Celebrity events, and many more events where the player collect many rewards and have a lot of fun.

Craft Items and Evolve Your Cats

You can use the amazing crafting mechanics of the game to craft many items such as cat eggs and plushies. You can craft any items in the Alchemy Station. Also, you can evolve your cats and increase their abilities and unlock new skills in the Fortress.

Customize Your Guild Leader

Player's Cat is the Guild Leader who leads the army of cats to defeat the evil pub. So it has to be unique and special, Right? Yeah, Of course! You can customize your Guild Leader as you like. It has over 100 different customizations for the player. You can customize your cat colour, looks, eyes, facial features, clothes, items and many more.

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Castle Cats Idle Hero RPG Mega Mod Apk

Castle Cats: Idle Hero RPG Mega Mod Apk has many features. You will get a stylish UI Mod Menu in the game, It can be used to enable and disable modifications at any time during the game.
You will many Mod feature in our Castle Cats Mod Menu.
Castle Cats Idle Hero RPG Mod Menu APK Contains Unlimited Gems, Coins, Boosters, Materials, Embers, and Items. It also has Free VIP, Free Shop, All Upgrades, and Unlimited Free Crafting, High Guild and Reputation Levels, and many more features.
Keeps reading to know more the mod menu features.

Castle Cats Idle Hero RPG Mega Mod Menu Features

Mod Menu UI

Castle Cats Mod Apk has a stylish Mod Menu User Interface. Mod Menu contains the mod feature where the user can toggle them to enable and disable any mod features of the game. A Mod Menu gives the user further customizations and control over the modifications compared to the old Modded Apk.
Mod Menu generally enhances the experience of the modded games.

Free Shop

Castle Cats Mod Apk has Free Shopping Features. This feature gives you the ability to buy anything from the shop and non-shop items for free even if you have 0 amount of currencies.

Free Crafting

Same as Free Shop, Free Crafting allows to craft anything for free. You can easily craft any items at the Alchemy Station without any materials!

Unlimited Gems

You will get Unlimited Gems in our Castle Cats Mod Apk. The premium currency: Gems are used for buying cats, stuffs from the shop, boxes, instantly finishing tasks, etc...

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Unlimited Gold

Gold is the secondary currency of the game. They can be used to buy non-premium and normal stuff in the game. Gold is easier to earn compared to the gems. Well, why earn them when you will get unlimited amount of Gold in the for free in our Castle Cats Idle Hero RPG Mod Apk.

Unlimited Boosters

Boosters are important items in the game, they are used for quickly maxing cats level and evolving them. Boosters are hard to obtain and cost real money if you need them more. That's where our Mod Apk comes, You will get Unlimited amount of boosters in the game.

Unlimited Embers

Embers are used for increasing the rank of your cats, crafting eggs, and plushies, and exchanging. There are six Embers in the game: Common and Rare Green, Blue, and Red.
We've modified all six embers values to the unlimited amount. You can easily increase your cats rank or craft everything for free using the unlimited embers mod features.

Unlimited Materials

You will get unlimited materials in castle cats mod apk. Which materials you will get is random and limited to some materials, but we will keep adding more unlimited materials to our Castle Cats Mega Mod Menu Apk.

Free VIP

You can easily gain VIP status in the game for free. VIP gives the player many extras rewards, special items, outfits, and advantages compared to the normal players.

Max VIP Level

Each VIP level has their own pricks. The higher the VIP Level the more special pricks you will get in the game. Our Castle Cats Mod Apk has Max VIP Level for free. You can get special VIP Outfits, Customizations, etc.. for free!

High Guild Level

Your Player/Guild Level will become high. You will able to get all the higher levels, items, outfits, customizations. You can turn off the high level at any time and your level will restore to the previous value.

Unlimited Reputation Tokens

There are 3 Tokens in the game: Whiskers, Mighty Lions, and Zenpaws. Reputation Tokens are used to gain reputation with your allies. In our Mod Apk of Castle Cats, all of the tokens are modified to the unlimited value.

High Reputation Level

High Reputation Level increases your chance of getting good items from the boxes. Reputation level increase when you craft box using any tokens. Using our Castle Cats Mega Mod Apk you can instantly reach to the high reputation level.

Upgrades Shop Unlocked

This feature will unlock all upgrades in the Upgrades Shop. You can easily upgrade your fortress, metal, wood station and other things in the game from the very early in the game.


Castle Cats: Idle Hero RPG  is a good and lightweight Idle clicker RPG game. It has addictive gameplay, Action elements, good crafting and evolving mechanics.
This game gives the ability to customize your guild leader and cats, you can craft many items in the game, evolve your cat to increase their ranks.

Castle Cats has a promising storyline with the funny pun-driven contents. This game constantly receives events updates, the player can also two minigames.
Overall Castle Cats is an amazing Idle role-playing adventure game with the action elements, interesting storyline, amazing characters along with the addictive gameplay filled with hours of contents.

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Castle Cats: Idle Hero RPG Info

Current Version: 2.13
Build Version: 100244
Requires Android: 4.2 and up
MOD Size: 114 MB
Last Updated: 31-07-2020

Mod Info:

  • Mod Menu UI
  • Free Shop
  • Free Craft
  • Upgrades Shop Unlocked
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Boosters
  • High Guild Level
  • High Reputation Level
  • Free VIP
  • Max VIP Level
  • Unlimited Reputation Tokens
  • Unlimited Embers
  • Unlimited Materials

How To Install Castle Cats Idle Hero RPG MOD Menu Apk

1. Download Castle Cats MOD Apk.

2. Uninstall original/installed Castle Cats from your phone, and then install Castle Cats Mod Menu Apk. (You may need to enable the unknown source to install APK outside of Play Store.)

3. Play Castle Cats Idle Hero RPG and Enjoy Unlimited Everything, Unlocked With Mod Menu Feature!!!

Download Zone:

Updated to the latest version 2.13!


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