GameGuardian with Parallel Space Virtual Space (Optimized) Signed No Root for GG for Non Rooted Phones

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Download GameGuardian for Non-Rooted and Rooted Phones

GameGuardian is a cheat engine/memory editor/hacking tool for Android, and it's one of the best cheat engines for Android as for now.

In mid-2012 many cheat engines were made for Android. Some of them got pretty famous.
GameCih was one of them and used & loved by many people, then after GameCih, it was GameKiller and then SB GameHacker. These three were beast and capable of hacking almost every offline games.

But as the time goes off, Both Android and Games start to get more secure, these cheat engines begin to become less effective, and as the latest Android Updates make them outdated, so they stopped working.
Their developers become less interesting on their cheat engine and no longer provide updates which make them useless.

GameGuardian developers keep updating it to make it work on newer android os and keeps adding and improving features.
Their Community and Developers remained active thought in 2012. Even though GameGuardian Original Creator (Aqua) is retired, It's still going strong, and more than 3 developers are working on it. That's why it becomes the best cheat engine for Android.

Using GameGuardian, you can hack games resources such as Coins, Gold, Gems, Diamonds, Cash, HP, etc. You can modify game running speed(Time)
GameGuardian is capable of offline hacking games. See below for more GameGuardian Features.

Game Guardian Features

Work Without Root (Via Parallel Space)

Although GameGuardian requires root to work on the phone, we can bypass this limitation by running GameGuardian in Parallel Space. Parallel Space apps are like game emulators. They create a virtual environment on your android phone where they emulate Android OS in that isolated virtual environment. Simply Parallel Space is like running another virtual android phone in a real android phone. It allows us to run GameGuardian in a parallel space app without having to root the phone. You can modify any game in using GameGuardian in parallel space.

GameGuardian work in most parallel space and dual space apps. Currently, Parallel Space by the developer LBE Tech is recommended for using GameGuardian. You can download Parallel Space which is optimized for GameGuardian to avoid any errors. We've made a complete package for the non-rooted phones which contains Optimized Parallel Space and GameGuardian. You can download it from the link at the end of the post.

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Modify Any Game Values

It is the most crucial feature of GameGuardian. It can modify any values of the games! You can modify in-game cash, money, diamonds and many more values by using GameGuardian. Want more gems? Use GameGuardian to modify your gems and make it unlimited. It's easy to modify game value such as money, coins, gems, etc. If you want, you can learn more about how GameGuardian works and start modifying complex values of the games.
You can't alter online games value as their data is stored in a server wheres offline games data is stored in your phone. Some online can be modified if they allowed playing offline or store some value in local rather than a server.

Change Game Speed

Changing games speed is another wonderful feature of GameGuardian. You can accelerate or decelerate game by using GameGuardian speed changing feature. It's pretty useful in building games wheres a building takes years to complete.

Work In All Android Phones and Emulators

GameGuardian Work in every phone and android emulators, It doesn't matter if your android version is Lollipop or One, CPU architect is 32 bit or 64 bit. It also works in android emulators such as Nox, MOMO, Memu and many more.

Modify Emulator Games

GameGuardian is capable of modifying emulators games. You can modify different emulators game such as NES, GameBoy, PPSSPP, ePSXe, and many more.

Search Encrypted and Unknown Value

GameGuardian supports searching for an encrypted and unknowns value. Sometimes developers encrypt their game value such as cash, coins diamonds, etc. to prevent them from modifying. GameGuardian can change those encrypted value, and you can modify them easily to get much money in the game! You can search for an unknown value as well. It's pretty useful you can modify your health, powers, etc.

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Neat and Customizable UI

GameGuardian UI is clean and straightforward. It's easy to get used to it, and you can customize it as you like.

Support Lua Script

GameGuardian Support Lua Script. Lua script makes it easy to modify the game since you can just write a Lua script and modify any value of the game every time without having to search that value again. You can also download a Lua script from GameGuardian forum to modify game values without having to do any work yourself.

More Features

GameGuardian has many more features such as;

  • You can dump and copy the game memory
  • Modify multiple values at once.
  • Group Search.
  • Save values.
  • Freeze any value
  • Fill feature
  • Search any value in the background
  • Modify any value such as Double, Float, Qword, Dword, XOR, Word, Byte
  • Filter your search result.
  • Search address by mask
  • Available in 50 different languages
  • Many more useful features.

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What's New in Version 101.0

  • Added support for Qword in XOR key.
  • Added support for hexadecimal constants in ARM (x32) assembler.
  • Added support for decimal constants in ARM (x64) assembler.
  • Improved app translations.

GameGuardian Screenshots 

GameGuardian Info

Current Version 101.0
Requires Android 2.3 and up
Zip File Size 61.18 MB
Last Updated 03-March-2021
Official Site GameGuardian

Parallel Space Info

Current Version 4.0.9067
32Bit Add-on Version 1.0.3010
64Bit Add-on Version 1.0.3069
Requires Android 4.0 and up
Last Updated 03-March-2021
Play Store Parallel Space - Multiple accounts & Two face

How To Install GameGuardian

1. Download GameGuardian from the below link.

2. Extract Zip file and install GameGuardian.apk, Install emulator version if you are using Nox or Bluestacks.

3. Open GameGuardian wait till it reinstalls itself with random names.

4. After reinstallation, it will ask for you to uninstall the previous version, click on ok and uninstall it.

5. Congratulations you have successfully installed GameGuardian. Now read below guide to know how to use it on a non-rooted phone.

How To Use GameGuardian on Non-Rooted Phones

1. Complete Step.1 & 2 from the above guide. Ignore if you already did.

2. Install Parallel Space.apk (Install Parallel For Android 9+ For GG.apk if you are using a phone with android version 9 and above), Open it and wait till its complete setup.

3. If you are on the 64-bit phone or want to hack legacy 32-bit Unity games, then install Parallel Space 64Bit Support.apk after installing Parallel Space.apk in step.2.
Install Parallel Space 32Bit Support because it helps to make legacy 32-bit Unity games to work well in ParallelSpace and fix compatibility issue between Parallel Space and 32-bit devices that run Android Q.

4. Add GameGuardian and the game that you want to hack.

5. After you added GameGuardian and the game, open GameGuardian and the game you want to hack and Enjoy.


Download Zone:

Download GameGuardian + Parallel Space


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